Rediscovering #iPhone6 #photography

For about a year now, my iphone's camera and I had been at odds. I was too busy with  REAL cameras, exploring my little world with some very satisfying lenses, in RAW. But also the camera on my iphone 5 had let me down: dust particles settled between the lens and the protective glass. "Nothing we can do about it, not sure it would solve anything if we'd replace the camera, sorry" said the guy at the Apple store.

I was more or less ok with it, like I said I had abandoned the iPhone as a camera since I was and still have a camera with me, no harm, no foul... But then, in the back of my mind, it's the one thing I still wanted handy. After all I had rediscovered photography after a 17 years hiatus because of it. The iPhone 4 and Instagram reconnected me with that fraction of a second world I loved so much when film roamed the earth.

So I convinced myself that it was time for a change, and a new iPhone: the iPhone 6's camera looked like the best and well, in less than a week, it got me hooked again, that little stealthy machine perfect for a street photog. Not to mention the multitude of apps, the Mpro app in particular with it's rich monochrome tones and lovely TIFF files. 

More guns for the hunt.