Still haven’t find what I’m looking for…

Sorry for the prolonged absence, things are slow in Millie’s world, not much to write about. Except for this: the search for a Lightroom replacement app on the Mac.

For over 6 months now, it’s all I can focus on. For a while I did have high hopes for Luminar 3 from skylum, only to have those hopes crashing badly in a sea of lousy and awkward Import function (if it’s hard to import more than 20 photos from an sd card at once, you’re not even ready for triple A ball, never mind the pros). Luminar3 may be fine for processing but storage is another matter. I’ve looked into Capture One: too expensive for too many flaws again in the storage department. (Why is this so hard, people?)

It almost drove me back to LR. It also made me long for my old Aperture days, which made me think about putting my RAW eggs in the mac’s Photos. Maybe it’s the most obvious choice? I just need to add some storage to my iCloud account. Could my problem be fix with something that obvious?